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Do Not Allow Anyone To See Your Home For Sale Without a Home Staging Christchurch

Are you selling your home Christchurch? If so schedule a home staging with a professional before you allow any potential buyers to even peek in the windows. Why? Because first impressions are vital when it comes to selling a home. There are many psychological elements that go into the decision on the part of the buyer and the seller can help sway a potential buyer by making sure that the home is shown in the best light possible. A professional home staging service will turn your home into a showroom worthy site. The rooms designed by Mel are often so nice that the home buyers ask to purchase the decor and furniture along with the rest of the home!

The first step is a thorough deep cleaning. You may not really notice a little scuff mark here or there but a potential buyer will and it may make them subconsciously see the house as less than it is. Mels Cleaning and Homestaging Servicecan start with that deep clean if needed because an outside set of eyes will notice grime you may not. But perfect cleanliness is not enough, then an artful eye needs to put inviting stylish elements into the room. In the full package, whole rooms of furniture, paintings, and rugs are rented to set the scene. Why is home staging to this level worth it? It has been proven to sell a home faster and for up to 30% more on average. Those numbers speak for themselves, call today to schedule a consultation.


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