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Mels Cleaning and Homestaging Service Offers Premium Home Cleaning Services in Christchurch

Do you need home cleaning services that stand out for quality and professionalism in the Christchurch area? Contact Mels Cleaning and Homestaging Service for services that will exceed your expectations. I am a professional home stager. This means that I prepare homes that are on the market for sale by cleaning them and artfully decorating areas in tasteful ways that will inspire the potential buyer to want to put in their bid. Because of my skills in home staging, my cleaning services are considered top-notch because I consider every detail. If you are in need of home cleaning services during a busy stage of your life, or on a regular basis contact me at Mels Cleaning, Homestaging, and set up a service appointment.

Many people employ home cleaning services at some point, even if they do not require regularly scheduled cleaning. I offer professional and thorough home cleaning services at fair rates for the work so you can move beyond the mess and get other things done on your to-do list. My rates for an occupied home start at four hours of cleaning for $160 and $40 an hour after that up to 8 hours. My one time services are in high demand during the holiday season as people prepare for guests, or want to impress the homemaker with some extra help, they are in high demand when a family has a new baby so mama can rest in a clean home, and my services are often requested after a surgery or other situation where the main homemaker is off their feet. Whatever reason you call, I will impress with premium home cleaning services once, occasionally, or on a regular basis depending on your desire and needs.


Melanie Sands 

Christchurch NZ

Phone: 027 5029 289

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