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De-clutter Service

The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of  everything you don't.
J.  Becker

I have always loved design, buildings, real estate and renovation work.  Brought up with a builder, buying homes to renovate. 

Living in Queenstown working in the new motels and apartments.  Owning a cleaning business and Graduating with my Interior Design Diploma.  My journey into de-cluttering/property styling begins. 


Image by Francesca Tosolini
  • clean and tidy those spaces that have slowly got out of control

  • better ways to make use of spaces

  • creating more space and harmony within the home

  • organizing your home to down size or packing to move to your new abode

  • Favorable impression for buyers

  • Increase property value, sell faster

  • Maximize space

  • Show the home full potential, also minimizing flaws

  • Relieve stress

  • Cleanse your mind

  • Help remove unhealthy pathogens in your home

Mahogany Kitchen
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